We value each and every person and are committed to providing excellent service.

Male amputee with prosthesis in hospital. Man sitting on chair with nurse touching prosthetic limb. Female nurse working with male patient. Rehabilitation, recovery, improvement.

Our relationship with the patient begins with the first contact! We welcome input from the patient and all persons involved in the patient’s care before we make a recommendation. We do follow-up visits and continue to take care of the patient for as long as they require assistance. The practitioners associated with the Health Science Center Orthotics & Prosthetics Labs are all Texas licensed and certified by the ABC.


Prosthetics is the evaluation, fabrication, fitting and follow-up care of upper and lower extremity artificial limbs for amputees and/or congenital defects. There are no two patients alike just like there are no two prostheses alike. Our practitioners and technicians are diligent in fabricating a prosthesis to fit the patient in order to deliver the functional goals required to meet every patient’s unique needs.

Orthotics is the evaluation, fabrication, fitting and follow-up care of spine and upper and lower bracing. There is a significant difference in the treatment of children and adults. The needs are different, the bodies are different and the knowledge it requires to treat both types of patients is different.

Both facilities include full service pedorthics to include a full range of therapeutic shoes, custom shoes and functional foot orthotics.

Innovative Technologies

We are investing in the future of Orthotics and Prosthetics by using revolutionary techniques and advances in Bionics. This helps us to give as much function as possible back to our patients. Some of the technologies that we have recently used are iLimb, Proprio foot, Cleg, Vacuum Suspension, Carbon Fiber Feet, Stabilization as well as facemasks. Read about our iLimb hand client, Brian Floyd and 3-d printed hand client, Noah on Mission Magazine.

Face masks are used on patients with burns to help reduce scarring and to help protect those with face injuries from further damage. Spurs player Francisco Elson from the San Antonio Spurs 2006-2007 roster is seen here in a San Antonio Express News picture taken by their staff photographer, William Luther. wearing a mask we produced. Our technologically advanced process of fabricating a mask is much easier on the patient than older processes. Each mask is custom molded to the patient.

Our facility utilizes the Omega Laser Scanner to capture the shape of the face for the mask. This technology reduces stress on the patient and increases accuracy of our products. The patient will be scanned and the image captured is modified using Tracer software. The modified image is carved out on a CAM machine then the mask is fabricated from the carved model. The combination of these technologies has proven to increase quality and consistency of our products.

We are In-Network Providers for:

  • Aetna (All Plans)
  • Aetna Medicaid*
  • Advantage By Superior
  • BC/BS† (All Plans)
  • Cigna
  • Community First
  • Community First Medicaid*
  • Humana (All Plans)
  • Humana Gold Plus (HMO/PPO)
  • Medicare
  • Medicare (TMHP)*
  • Superior Health Medicaid*
  • Tricare
  • Wellcare

“Truly all of our patients may start as patients but end up becoming friends of ours.That’s what helps set us apart from different organizations is that continued care after the service is provided.”

– Jesse Retelle, CPO