Medical Students

Fourth Year Medical Students

UROL 4000 Special Topic (Clinical) Course description:
Senior students function as “interns” on the Urology service. This is a self-designed course created by both the student and the department to cover a specific topic. A Course Approval Form must be completed along with documentation of the designed course description.

UROL 4027 Urology Selective (Clinical) Course description:
Senior students function as “interns” on the Urology service.  They perform the history and physical examinations and keep daily records on urology patients.  They follow patients in the outpatient clinics, in the emergency department, in the intensive care units, and on general wards. They participate in operations for their patients. They participate in pre- and post-operative care of urology patients. They present cases, attend all conferences and take a call as designated by the urology service. They mentor third-year medical students on the urology service. They are encouraged to participate in basic and clinical science research projects with urology Faculty. They present one 10-15 minute lecture on a urologic topic of their choice.  To request adding this course, please contact the program coordinator.

UROL 7000 (Off Campus-Clinical) Course description:
All off campus rotations must be approved by the designated faculty member prior to the beginning of the rotation (at least one week before the course begins). Credit will not be given for any rotation that has not been approved in advance. Required paperwork includes: “Course Approval” form, a written letter or email for acceptance form the physician preceptor with the start and end dates of the course/rotation, and a course description of your learning objectives and responsibilities during the rotation. Forms must include a complete address and telephone number for the off campus location or residence address for the student while at the off campus site. Forms will not be approved after the rotation has already begun. Contact the department for assistance with enrolling in this course.

Completion of General Surgery Clerkship

MS-4 rotations at UT Health San Antonio Department of Urology. 

It is advisable applicants for any Urology residency try to do a rotation with their preferred training programs in order to get to know the residents they may be training with and the strengths and weaknesses of the program and faculty. We have usually 3-4 outside MS-4 rotators on service during the summer and fall of the academic year. Students will rotate on the Pediatric & Adult (University Hospital), and Adult Oncology (Christus Santa Rosa) services during their time here and are encouraged to present a short (7-10 minute) didactic session on a topic of their choosing to assess their learning and teaching skills. Research and QI projects with faculty and residents are also possible during this time but may extend beyond the actual time on service. Interaction with the faculty is important if letters of recommendation are sought for later applications to Urology training programs. The MS-4 slots fill quickly and are granted after an extensive application review.  In general, interviews for applicants to Urology programs occur in the months of September through December and it is generally better to do a rotation at your favorite program before that program’s interview dates. For more information on the process for Visiting Students, visit the Visiting Student Website. Rotations are scheduled through The AAMC Visiting Student Learning Opportunities™ (VSLO) program only.

Third Year Medical Students

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