Welcome to the Department of Urology at UT Health San Antonio.

We are Urology subspecialists who provide state-of-the-art care for patients from around the world as well as serving patients from South Texas.

The Department of Urology is a fastest-growing department that has a focus on Education, Research, and Clinical Care with a constant effort to improve the quality of all three. We provide Urologic education to medical students, residents, and fellows at UT Health San Antonio. Our mission also includes a wide range of research with a primary focus on improving the care for patients with Urologic disease.

The Department of Urology at the UT Health San Antonio also has a tradition of excellence in research. Our focus is on understanding disease processes to optimize prevention and treatment opportunities. We are unwilling to conduct mainstream research that replicates the work of others or makes small steps forward. It is our goal to have a vision of dramatic improvements in understanding, preventing, and treating the disease to substantially improve the quality of health in Urologic Disease.

Our research efforts have changed the way Urology is practiced and disease is treated nationally and internationally. While we are responsible for the management of many individuals with Urologic Disease, it is our single unified focus that each and every patient is uniquely important and we treat all of those individuals who entrust their care to us with our closest attention. Urology department is extremely proud to have an incredibly talented team of doctors, nurses, researchers, and other medical professionals who work with us to provide the very best of care to our patients.