New Grants! ⋆ CPRIT ⋆ Welch Foundation ⋆ SAAF ⋆ NIH

Congratulations To:

Dr Yuzuru Shiio for his project on “Growth Signaling in Ewing Sarcoma” – CPRIT Award for $1.2M

Dr Dmitri Ivanov for his project on “Deciphering the role of dNTP metabolism in antiviral immunity, DNA repair and cell cycle control – The Welch Foundation Award for $195,000.

Dr. David Libich for his project on “Physical properties of EWSR1 and EWS-FLI1 in biomolecular condensates” – The Welch Foundation Award for $195,000.

Dr. Jiang, Jean for her continued work on “Connexin Channels in Transducting Mechanical Signals In Bone” and New Award for work on “NIH – Arthritis / Musculoskel / Skin Diseases”

Dr. Eloise V. Dray for her project “Role of novel EYA4 inhibitors in breast cancer suppression and metastasis avoidance” – SAAF Award for $28,000.

Dr. Yogesh K Gupta for his project “Towards Understanding The Nature of Altered RNA Methylation Program in Cancer” – SAAF Award for $30,000.

Dr. Philip T LoVerde for his project “Molecular Helminthology: AN Integrated Approach” – NIH Award for $6,500.

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