A patients “thank you” to staff at University Hospital

Mr. Weston Davis was a patient on the unit in July and the father of fellow colleague Staci RN. He went for a COVID test on advice of his daughter where he collapsed in the clinic. He was taken by Ambulance to UH ER and presented emergent as a STEMI in Cardiogenic Shock. He was sent to Cath Lab immediately to Dr. Prasad who intervened on his Coronaries.

While still in the Cath lab, Dr. Prasad anticipated a long recovery course noting an ejection fraction of 10%, he called on Dr. Carpenter for consult to implanted Impella 5.0 in the Cath Lab via axillary access before moving to the ICU. Upon admission to CVICU, Mr. Davis required an emergent pericardial window performed by Dr. Carpenter at bedside. He was attended in CVICU by the nurses, techs and fellows under the direction of Dr’s Anderson and Feldman. Mr. Davis recovered his heart function when upon pre-explant echo an LV thrombus was noted, an increase risk of stroke on explant of Impella.

Dr. Prasad used a cerebral protection device he deployed during explant via right radial while Dr. Carpenter surgically explanted the Impella 5.0 via left axillary. Mr. Davis recovered and returned home to his family. He wanted to thank the doctors, staff and University Hospital so Abiomed asked a video team in San Antonio to record that story for the staff. Here is his story in his own words. Thanks to your programs heart team approach and focus on current best practice protocols for survival in Cardiogenic Shock, Mr. Davis can thank your staff in his own words.

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