UT Alamo Interprofessional Emergency Medicine Symposium | Education

We are excited to offer several pre-symposium workshops in addition to the 2-day symposium. The curriculum will provide a platform for attendees to learn cutting-edge and best practices.

If you are a Physician, Physician Assistant, Nurse Practitioner, Resident Physician, Paramedic, EMT, Registered Nurse who is working or is interested in Emergency Medicine, Critical Care Medicine, Internal Medicine, or Family Medicine, this symposium is for you.

2024 Alamo Interprofessional Emergency Medicine Symposium

February 21-23, 2024

(Snacks and Lunch Provided)

Norris Conference Centers – San Antonio

Registration Cost Varies Per Provider Type


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Pre-Symposium Workshops

Point of Care Ultrasound Course

This hands-on course will train attendees on the fundamentals and basics of point of care ultrasound.  Training will be conducted in the $1M state-of-the-art Center for Clinical Ultrasound Education at UT Health San Antonio. This venue will allow attendees to learn and practice on various ultrasounds that may be accessible in their hospital or clinic. There will be a variation of lecture and hands on course work to allow for proficiency in the skills of basic ultrasound. This workshop is designed as a full-day course with a limited number of participants and low instructor to learner ratio to ensure plenty of hand on experience.

Course objectives: Intro and Physics, Cardiac, Aorta/IVC, EFAST, Biliary, Ocular
Instructors: UT Health San Antonio Division of Ultrasound
Date: February 21, 2024; 9am – 4pm, (lunch provided)
Location: Norris Conference Centers-San Antonio

Registration Cost: $250

EKG Course

Basic Course: This hands-on course will train participants on the basic anatomyof an ECG tracing, imporant diagnostic considerations when obtaining an ECG.

Advanced Course: This course will take ECG interpretation further than the basics course, focusing on emergent diagnosis that can be made solely from the ECG, how to localize culprit lesions on STEMI’s, discuss OMI nomenclature. This course can be taken in conjunction with the Basics course, or individually for those with a basic to intermediate understanding of ECG’s.

Both courses will be a mixture of hands-on learning, interactive discussions, and lectures.

Course objectives: Review the emergent interpretation of ECGs including localizing culprit lesion anatomy using multiple modalities, understand teh difference from STEMI and OMI and other life threatening diagnoses.

Course objectives: Review the emergent interpretation of EKGs including localizing culprit lesin anatomy utilizing a 3D model application; STEMI and STEMI equivalents, and other life threatening diagnoses.
Instructor: Brian Parker, MD; George Willis, MD; and Prianka Kandhal, MD.
Date: February 21, 2024;  9am – 4pm
Location: Norris Conference Centers-San Antonio

Registration Cost: $125 Basic EKG 9AM-12PM | $150 Advanced 1PM-4PM | $225 Combined

Emergency Procedures Course

This program was directly-developed from the Critical Care Skills offering and the Physician’s Emergency Procedures Course, which have reputations for excellence and procedural focus on today’s high-value, low-frequency, evidence-based emergent interventions. Participants in this program will engage in a comprehensive hands-on experience blending fresh (non-fixed, non-frozen), as well as embalmed (fixed) human specimens, experienced professionals, and demanding procedures. This course is orchestrated to dissect, explain, and train through: bleeding control (digital, wound-packing, tourniquets, junctional bleeding, and REBOA), airway and ventilation management (BLS, NPA, OPA, BVM & Supraglottics; ALS-video and direct laryngoscopy; Magill forceps usage; bronchoscopy, and cricothyroidotomy), vascular access (IV-peripheral, cut-down, and exchange; IO-manual, mechanically assisted, powered, and central venous access), thoracic injury management (anterior and lateral needle decompression, simple thoracostomy, chest tube placement, pericardiocentesis, and resuscitative thoracotomy), fundamental suturing and securing, as well as procedural ultrasound usage. Participants will also actively locate, visualize, mobilize, and explore the freshly dissected anatomy of the neck, chest, abdomen and extremities to better appreciate the efficacy and impact of interventions on the human body.

What should you wear? We suggest professionally comfortable clothing. All PPE (including scrubs) are provided.

NOTE: This course involves a full day of active engagement and a tremendous amount of standing, moving, and skills refinement. Participants should expect to be intellectually stimulated, yet physically exhausted at the course’s conclusion. Participants are strongly encouraged to come well rested.

Course Objectives: To improve indication and anatomic recognition while simultaneously offering an unparalleled hands-on experience.
Instructors: Scotty Bolleter BS, EMT-P, Department Chair; Jennifer Achay, BS, NRP Laboratory Director, Anatomist
Date: February 21, 2024; 8am-5pm
Location: Centre for Emergency Health Services
This workshop is held at the CEHS facilities in Spring Branch: 353 Rodeo Drive, Spring Branch TX, 78070, which is about 20 minutes from San Antonio, Transportation will not be provided, all registrants are responsible for their own transportation to the location. Directions.
Lunch will be provided.

Registration Cost: $550

Ultrasound-Guided IVs

Have a patient who is difficult to obtain IV access? Ultrasound-guided IV access has been utilized for years in patients with difficult IV access, but only a handful of people are appropriate trianed to perform them. This course will give a hands-on approach on how to perform Ultrasound-guided IVs successfully and without complications.

Course Objectives

  1. Explain basic ultrasound mechanics and knobology
  2. Demonstrate the appropriate use of ultrasound to evaluate for veins to cannulate during ultrasound-guided IV performance
  3. Demonstrate how to perform ultrasound-guided IV on phantom trainers

Instructors: UT Division of Ultrasound
Date: February 21, 2024; 9AM-11AM
Location: Norris Conference Centers-San Antonio

Registration Cost: $150

Pre-Conference Social Hour

24/7/365: The Evolution of Emergency Medicine

Join us as we hold a special showing of the EMRA-produced documentary “24/7/365: The Evolution of Emergency Medicine.”

Winner of two prestigious Telly awards, this landmark documentary takes you behind the scenes of emergency medicine to tell the powerful story of the specialty’s maverick founders, whose determination to save lives and improve public health transformed the American medical landscape. Hear these pioneers and the compelling experiences that shaped their resolve and created their livelihoods.

6 Things You Will Learn From This Film:

  1. Emergency medicine turns 44 this year
  2. The first full-time emergency physicians emerged in 1961
  3. American College of Emergency Physicians (ACEP) was founded before emergency medicine was even considered a specialty
  4. Vietnam veterans were the inspiration behind the creation of paramedics
  5. M*A*S*H’s Hawkeye Pierce inspired a new generation of physicians
  6. A wristband started hospital reform

Date: February 21, 2024 | 6PM-9PM
Location: Alamo Drafthouse Cinema, 618 NW Loop 410 Suite 307

Registration Cost: $75 and includes movie-style refreshments !