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Professional Development Sessions 

Our Division strongly believes in investing in each individual faculty member in order to help them grow as clinicians, educators, and scholars. Monthly sessions cover a range of topics from adult education theory to best practices in bedside rounding. We actively solicit input from our faculty to help guide content for future sessions.

Ambulatory Faculty Professional Development

In addition to joining Division-wide professional development meetings, faculty who practice in the ambulatory setting (including Robert B. Green, the VA and the Primary Care Center) meet monthly for faculty development.

Collaborative Mentoring

Collaborative Mentoring is an innovative mentoring program developed to assist faculty in the Division of General and Hospital Medicine in achieving their academic career goals. The main objectives of this program include:

  • Help each faculty member to progress towards her / his goals
  • Create a venue for discussion of critical career skills
  • Connect faculty across rank and clinical areas and other differences
  • Connect people to activities & resources within their group
  • Build and strengthen a community of colleagues
  • Facilitate on-boarding of new faculty

All faculty members are assigned to a group where each group is led by 2-3 coaches (senior faculty). The groups consist of faculty at all levels of academic rank from Assistant professor to full professor, outpatient, and hospitalist, researchers and educators. Meetings are held monthly with the group determining the topic. Additionally, all new faculty are assigned a mentor to guide them in their academic career and provide one-on-one mentoring.

Peer Observation Program

Our Division embraces the principles of direct observation and timely feedback that underlie deliberate practice. All of the faculty actively participate in peer to peer observation in order to improve our clinical teaching. Faculty across our Division are paired up, observe each other during teaching rounds, and provide detailed feedback. This program is part of our Division’s strategy to build and maintain teaching excellence.

Journal Club

As educators, we have the responsibility to stay updated on recent developments in medical literature. Our Division embraces the opportunity to critically evaluate and discuss current articles with bi-monthly sessions that aid our physicians in improving their critical appraisal and presentation skills. The academic debates that have transpired from these sessions have created phenomenal intradepartmental social and professional networking opportunities all while meeting our continuing medical education requirements.

Projects in Progress

Projects in progress is an opportunity for faculty members to meet with colleagues to discuss current special projects that are in development. This monthly meeting enables our presenters to obtain productive feedback while keeping peers abreast of current Division areas of interest being developed.

APP Series

Advanced Practice Providers (APPs) are an integral part of our Division. They have their own professional development series, which meets twice a month. In most sessions, they go through a “morning report-style” case to develop clinical reasoning skills. Several times a year sessions are held with a more explicit focus on professional development, toward the goal of facilitating the growth of APPs into more independent practitioners.

Other Interest Groups

Section Meetings

Faculty meetings are held monthly for the University Hospital and VA Hospital sections and also for the General Medicine Clinic. These meetings enable the faculty to collaborate on specific practice issues, medical protocols, helpful information and planning topics in a collegial atmosphere.

Additionally, there are also monthly meetings with the same sections that include Hospital Administration, Nursing and Case Management members. This further enhances working relationships and improves communication for smooth teamwork.

Health Services Research Seminar

The HSR seminar meets once a month to discuss issues of particular interest for research faculty within and beyond the Division. Guest speakers cover a wide range of topics such as grant-writing, study design, public speaking, collaborating in teams, effective mentoring, and communicating with the media. The seminar provides a supportive environment for a diverse research community, aiming to facilitate growth and advancement across all stages of a research career.

Medicine Education Research Conference

The Medicine Education Research Conferences are monthly, collegial scholarship consult sessions where Educators from across the campus have the opportunity to present educational scholarships at any stage of development. The purpose of the Medical Education conference is to create a community of actively engaged educational scholars, to deliver faculty development in education scholarships, and to encourage skill development in scholarship critique. In addition, we use this time to discuss conference submissions, journal calls for medical education research and inter-departmental collaboration opportunities.