Molecular Medicine Seminar Series

The Molecular Medicine Seminar Series is a vital part of the Molecular Medicine Department’s educational program. Approximately 10-12 seminars are scheduled during the Spring and Fall. The Spring seminar series is unique in that it is incorporated into the flagship course of the program, Molecular Medicine. Each speaker for the Spring series gives a lecture in the morning for all students enrolled in the Seminars on Molecular Medicine course, which lays the groundwork for the afternoon seminar to the general public. Students in Molecular Medicine design and later present hypotheses and tests on the subject covered by these lectures/seminars. These seminar series are instrumental in keeping the Department of Molecular Medicine at the forefront of science.

Notable speakers include Eric Olson, Martin Gellert, James Haber, Douglas Hanahan, Nancy Jenkins, Nancy Maizels, Alan Weiner, Richard Kolodner, Charles Radding, Steven McKnight, Tomas Lindahl, Virginia A. Zakian, Mina Bissell, Jerard Hurwitz, Thomas Kunkel, Lewis Chodosh, George F. Vande Woude, Stuart Yuspa, Rodney Rothstein, Michael Liskay, Anindya Dutta, and Michael Resnick.