Fluorescence labeled antibodies are used to detect specific antigens in cells or tissue. Samples to be evaluated for immunoglobulin deposition by immunofluorescence are prepared for sectioning in a low temperature cryostat.

Heart, lung, oral, renal, and skin biopsies are commonly stained with immunofluorescence to demonstrate deposits.

Biopsy Submission for Immunofluorescence

1.     Place specimen in the vial of Immunofluorescent Michel’s Transport Medium (green lid).

2.     The patient’s first and last name, a second identifier, site/laterality, and the collection date must be present on all specimen containers.

3.     The information on the container must match the requisition.

4.     Complete all the information on the Laboratory Request Form.

5.     Send a copy of the patient’s medical history and current relevant lab results. Be sure to include the name and contact information of the referring physician.

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