Fellowship Facilities

University Health System

University Health System is a nationally recognized teaching hospital and network of outpatient healthcare centers, owned by the people of Bexar County. In partnership with UT Health Physicians, the practice plan of UT Health San Antonio, it is consistently recognized as a leader in advanced treatment options, new technologies and clinical research.

University Hospital

University Hospital is a facility of the University Health System, a tax supported agency whose primary responsibility is to furnish medical care to indigent and needy residents of San Antonio and the surrounding Bexar County. University Hospital also serves the general Bexar County population and referred private patients of the Health Science Center faculty.  Over 3,000 newborns are admitted annually to the Term Newborn Nursery and Neonatal Intensive Care Unit at University Hospital. A typical daily census in the NICU includes 35 level III patients and 12 level II patients.
There are over 700 admissions annually to the NICU, including 500 admissions to level III beds, which are occupied by ventilator and/or oxygen dependent infants. Level II care is provided for pre-term babies, infants of diabetic mothers, newborns with birth defects, post-surgical cases and other infants requiring intensive nursing care or a high level of observation. A team of neonatal nurse practitioners supervised directly by faculty neonatologists ensures that the patient volume on the resident team is not excessive.
In addition to the nursery services, University Hospital completed its new 1-million square foot, 900-million dollar inpatient and surgical tower. Completed in April of 2014, this new state-of-the-art facility houses a 26-bed Pediatric Intensive Care Unit, a 48-bed Pediatric Inpatient Unit with an additional observation area, along with a dedicated pediatric emergency center. There are currently over 2700 children’s admissions annually including 2050 admissions to the pediatric medical services and 650 pediatric surgical/trauma patients. Interns assigned to the Pediatric Transition Unit have an annualized average of 6-10 patients for whom they are responsible. This pediatric facility provides comprehensive pediatric medical services with a focus on general and subspecialty pediatric care with a focus on cardiovascular surgery, trauma, burn care and solid organ transplants. A new hospital for treating Women and children is currently under construction.