Congratulation to Nicholas Dybdal‐Hargreaves for defending his dissertation on January 16, 2019

On January 16th, 2019, Neuroscience graduate student Nicholas Dybdal‐Hargreaves(pictured above) presented his dissertation defense titled: ‘Novel Mechanisms of Microtubule Targeting Agents’ to a lecture hall audience, whose members included his defense committee. He then went through a review of her dissertation and a question and answer process with the defense committee, before he was notified that he had successfully defended his dissertation and would be receiving his Ph.D.!  Dr. Susan Mooberry was his mentor. Dr. Mooberry’s research activities is dedicated to the discovery of more effective therapies for the treatment of cancer, primarily breast cancer. There are several aspects to our work including drug discovery, identification of the mechanisms of drug action, the nature of drug resistance, identifying rational drug combinations and elucidation of the signaling pathways by which microtubule targeting agents elicit their effects. You can read more….

Nicholas with Dr. Susan Mooberry (mentor)


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