Comprehensive Kidney Stone Center

UT Health San Antonio Comprehensive Kidney Stone Center

Kidney stones are formed when minerals such as calcium crystallize in the urine. The stones typically form in the kidneys and can cause pain or urinary blockage when they pass.

The UT Medicine Comprehensive Kidney Stone Center is unique because we provide care for the entire disease process from acute stone treatment with state-of-the-art procedures to comprehensive metabolic evaluation for the prevention of stone recurrence.

Our two board-certified, fellowship-trained endocrinologists specialize in treating kidney stones and offer a range of minimally invasive surgical options including:

For those patients at increased risk for kidney stone recurrence and who wish to pursue a proactive approach to preventing future stones, we provide a comprehensive metabolic evaluation. This evaluation helps to determine the causes of a patient’s kidney stones and directs preventative strategies that may involve focused dietary changes or medication therapy.

Timothy Tseng, MD, Urology

The UT Medicine Comprehensive Kidney Stone Center is located at:
Clinic 4-B
Medical Arts and Research Center
8300 Floyd Curl Drive
San Antonio, TX 78229