User fees will be charged based on hourly usage of the NMR spectrometers. Usage times will be determined electronically using a script which automatically logs the number of hours each user runs the spectrometer control program topspin. Users at present are not charged additionally for training (other than the NMR time used) or for usage of the facility computer workstations. The current fee schedule (dollars per hour) is shown below:

As per the “Advisory Committee” recommendations, there will be a minimum of $25 per login session irrespective of the spectrometer usage time. So, whichever is the greater amount ($25 or the usage time multiplied by the dollar per hour) will be appearing as the charge. 

Affiliation500 MHz600 MHz700 MHz
Academic (Service)*101416
Academic-CTRC (Service)*912.614.4
Commercial (Service)*426380
*If you choose “Service” option, then your NMR experiment will be setup by the Core staff

Prior to requesting NMR time and accessing the NMR spectrometers, users are required to submit on an annual basis an “ acceptance of use” available electronically from the facility website.

The user fees are set in accordance with the Operating Policies of the NMR facility and are intentionally designed to be low enough to encourage heavy usage of the instruments by all interested Investigators (Note – we attempt to recover only the portion of our operating costs not provided by our funding sources, UT Health San Antonio ERC and Macromolecular Structure Shared Resource of the Cancer Therapy & Research Center (CTRC)).