Name/Degree(s)Research Interest
Aguiar, Ricardo C., MD, PhDMolecular mechanisms of B-lymphomagenesis
Bishop, Alexander J., DPhilRegulation of DNA damage response; fusion oncoproteins in children's cancers; Ewings sarcoma
Boyer, Thomas G., PhDTranscriptional regulation in oncogenesis
Brenner, Andrew, MD, PhDGliomas and GBM; experimental therapeutics
Burma, Sandeep, PhDDNA Damage repair pathways, glioblastoma therapy resistance
Chen, Yidong, PhDComputational biology and cancer bioinformatics
Dahia, Patricia L., MD, PhDGenetics and genomics of cancers especially pheochromocytomas and paragangliomas
Gius, David, MD, PhDAging, DNA damage, and carcinogenesis
Griffith, Ann V., PhDLymphopoietic stromal microenvironment in the thymus
Gupta, Yogesh, PhDCombining structural biology and cell-based methods to elucidate the role of RNA modifications in cancers to develop novel therapies
Harris, Rueben, PhDInfectious Disease, Biochemistry, Bioinformatics, Cell Biology, genetic engineering, molecular biology, structural biology, and virology
Houghton, Peter J., PhDPediatric cancers, sarcomas, experimental therapeutics
Hromas, Robert A., MD, FACPHematology, cancer treatment
Huang, Gang, PhDLeukemia, lymphoma, renal cell carcinoma gastrointestinal stromal tumor glioma
Huang, Tim H-M., PhDEpigenetic mechanisms in cancer
Jiang, Jean X., PhDCell-to-cell communication in cancer; connexins and hemi-channels
Jin, Lingtao, PhDComplex signaling control mechanism underlying anti-Cancer therapy resistance
Kumar, A. Pratap, PhDNutritional intervention and prostate carcinogenesis
Lee, Sang Eun, PhDMolecular genetics of DNA damage response
Libich David, PhDStructural implications of EWS-FLI1 as the sole driver in Ewing’s sarcoma
Liu, (Jason) Zhijie, PhDRegulation of signal-dependent gene programs in cell differentiation/dedifferentiation in the development of cancer and other diseases
Rao, Manjeet K., PhDRNA interference, molecular carcinogenesis, epigenetic regulation in cancer; medulloblastoma
Risinger, April, PhDPreclinical development of novel natural products for cancer treatment
Sareddy, Gangadhara, PhDHormonal signaling and epigenetic mechanisms in glioblastoma and gynecologic malignancies
Shiio, Yuzuru, MD, PhDCytokine signaling and function of fusion oncoproteins in children’s cancers; Ewing's sarcoma
Sun, LuZhe, PhDLiver cancer, cancer stem cells, experimental therapeutics
Sun, Xiaoli, MD, PhDMetabolic Diseases and Lipid Metabolism associated with hepatocellular carcinoma
Sung, Patrick, PhDDNA Damage repair pathways
Vadlamudi, Ratna K., PhDSignal transduction and steroid hormones in carcinogenesis
Vaseva, Angelina, PhDDesign therapeutic strategies for RAS-driven pediatric cancers.
Viswanadhapalli, Suryavathi, PhDWomen Cancer Progression, small molecules targeting novel oncogenes, and therapy resistance
Wang, Pei, PhDpancreas biology and tumorigenesis of pancreatic cancer
Xu, Kexin, PhDEpigenetic regulation, prostate cancer
Xu, Mingiang MD, PhDIdentifying epigenetic-focused targets for the treatment of hematologic malignancies
Xu, Zhenming, PhDDifferentiation and functions of B lymphocytes in antibody responses to infectious pathogens and vaccines, and cancer
Yang, Feng-Chun, MD, PhDCellular and molecular mechanisms underlying myeloid malignancies
Zhang, Nu, PhDDifferentiation and retention of tissue resident memory T cells and cancer
Zhao, Peng, PhDmetabolic homeostasis and liver cancer
Zhao, Weixing, PhDBRCA1/2 biology and the implication of BRCA 1 Mutation in Triple negative breast Cancer Development