Ambulatory Track Residents Present at National and Regional Conferences 2021

Residents presented at SGIM conference with Dr. Ramachandran
From left to right, Dr. Ambili Ramachandran (Director of Ambulatory Track), Dr. Justin Dunn PGY3, Dr. Sara Lalani PGY3, and Dr. Ahmed Oglah PGY3.

Ambulatory Track residents presented clinical abstracts at regional and national conferences this academic year.  Dr. Jane Lee presented at the Texas Endocrinology Conference in July 2021.  Although still a resident, she gave an oral presentation in the meeting section for endocrinology fellows.  Dr. Justin Dunn, Dr. Sara Lalani, and Dr. Ahmed Oglah presented at the national Society of General Internal Medicine (SGIM) conference in Orlando, Florida in April 2022.  Their travel to the conference was supported by the Diehl and Lawrence endowments.  The Diehl endowment is named in honor of Dr. Andrew Diehl, founding chief of the Division of General Internal Medicine at UTHSA, and is intended to support the development of general medicine physicians with a focus on primary care by funding medical student and resident presentations at professional meetings.  The Lawrence endowment is named in honor of Dr. Val Lawrence, a health services researcher who helped to shape the field of peri-operative pulmonary management, and supports medical trainees of all levels in the Divisions of General Internal Medicine and Hospital Medicine.

Residents particularly enjoyed the SGIM conference.  There were multiple simultaneous sessions that each wanted to attend related to clinical topics, educational interventions, and career development.  There was even a live podcast episode from “Curbsiders.”  It was a nice venue to learn new information at a national level and to network with other internal medicine residents and faculty.  We hope to make attendance to the SGIM conference an annual opportunity for Ambulatory Track residents.

Resident clinical vignettes 2021-22

Dr. Jane Lee, Texas Endocrinology Conference, July 30-31, 2021, San Antonio, TX.  “Social Issues Complicate Cushing’s Syndrome Management”
Read the full Texas Endocrinology Association 2021 Annual Meeting Program here

Dr. Justin Dunn, Society of General Internal Medicine annual meeting, April 6-9, 2022, Orlando, FL. “A case of tracheal relapsing polychondritis”

Dr. Sara Lalani, Society of General Internal Medicine annual meeting, April 6-9, 2022, Orlando, FL. “A puzzling case of palpable purpura.”

Dr. Ahmed Oglah, Society of General Internal Medicine annual meeting, April 6-9, 2022, Orlando, FL. “Thyrotoxic periodic paralysis due to Graves’ disease”

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