MS1 & MS2: Mentorship Program

This program offers any medical student, who is Emergency Medicine bound, a mentorship with an assigned faculty member within the Emergency Department. Hours, pace, and mentors are determined by the student and there are no minimum requirements. Medical students will be in an “observer only” role during this program.

MS3 Core Clerkship

This four week core clerkship introduces the 3rd year medical students to the specialty of emergency medicine and reviews principles of emergency care that will benefit a graduate entering any specialty.  As a medical student, you will be entrusted with many responsibilities and duties throughout your rotation. As with our permanent staff, you are expected to work hard and show up on time for assigned shifts and academic activities and conduct yourself in a professional manner with all staff and patients. We are confident that you will have fun and enjoy this rotation in addition to learning Emergency Medicine.  This course is offered as EMED 3005: Emergency Medicine Core Clerkship.  

MS4 Rotations

As a fourth year, we look forward to you doing a rotation with us and hope you will consider us for your residency.  This sub-internship is designed to prepare students for the intense and responsible role of the intern. The sub-intern is an integral member of the team and will participate in all team activities and medical care for his/her patients, under the supervision of the Emergency Medicine attending. In additional to working clinical shifts, students are expected to participate in didactic sessions to successfully complete the course.

The MS4 Selective for UT Health San Antonio Fourth Year Medical Students is offered as EMED 4005: Emergency Medicine Selective.

The MS4 Rotation for Visiting Fourth Year Medical Students is offered through the VSLO website and enrollment in EMED 4005: Emergency Medicine Selective

Contact Us

Vanessa Soto
Academic Program Coordinator-Senior
Department of Emergency Medicine

Leanna Dolson, MD
Director of Medical Student Education
Department of Emergency Medicine

Jake Feldman, MD
Director of Simulation
Department of Emergency Medicine

Enrichment Opportunities

Our Department supports numerous enrichment opportunities for medical students including: