Student Interest Groups

We support several student interest groups that align with the UT Health San Antonio Long School of Medicine’s mission. From helping people recover from natural disasters to wilderness medicine, our program provides students with hands-on learning. Therefore, we are happy to permit students to enroll in student interest groups as electives.

Emergency Medicine Student Association (EMSA)

The Emergency Medicine Student Association (EMSA) dedicates itself to the development of students pursuing a career in Emergency Medicine. We cherish the opportunity to share excitement, interest, and enthusiasm for Emergency Medicine with others. All that interested students are welcome.

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Global Health

The Global Health field provides students with opportunities to participate in various capacities.

These opportunities include:

  • Emergency Medicine education and training
  • Humanitarian aid and disaster response
  • Systems development
  • Tropical medicine
  • Refugee health
  • International public health

The Center for Ethics and Medical Humanities offers a global health elective to medical students.


The Ultrasound Student Interest Group (USIG) aims to increase ultrasound knowledge amongst medical students.

USIG offers:

  • Open Scanning Sessions
  • Ultrasound lectures
  • Research opportunities
  • Community Outreach
  • Sonolympics
  • Trained Ultrasound Model Program (TUMP)

Student interest groups compliment the Emergency Medicine program and remain open to any student.

Dr. Craig Sisson serves as the director of the Ultrasound Student Interest Group.

Wilderness Medicine

Emergency Medicine faculty oversee and provide training in various settings to students on wilderness medicine through the Wilderness Medicine Elective. Students gain basic skills used to care for patients in a wilderness setting. Participants adapt these skills for scenarios such as disaster relief, humanitarian response, and adventure travel.

The interest group’s directors are Ryan Bierle, PA-C and Drs. Steve Moore, Brian Parker, and Craig Cooley.


For more information about any of these interest groups, contact:

Vanessa Soto, Academic Program Coordinator-Senior

210-567-4291 |