Wellness From Within

UT Health San Antonio and the Department of Emergency Medicine are committed to the holistic wellness of their employees. We are a supportive family that helps each other succeed.

Our commitment to wellness aims to:

  • Reduce and/or prevent provider burnout
  • Maintain and/or improve work life balance
  • Address fatigue and impairment

These additional resources are available to Emergency medicine residents, advance practice providers, and physicians with opportunities available both inside and outside of clinical settings. Activities offered are available to the whole family and include Welcome and Match Day Barbecues, holiday parties, holiday toy drives, and Family Day, among others.

Wellness benefits available to the Department of Emergency Medicine members:

Advanced Practice Providers

  • Flexible clinical schedules
  • Wellness activities
  • Skills labs
  • Leadership development
  • Mentorship opportunities


  • Mentorship opportunities with EM faculty and peers
  • Mentorship opportunities with faculty from other departments
  • Dedicated Wellness Days- range from semi-annually to quarterly
  • Importance of work-life balance is emphasized throughout program
  • Clinical scheduling is based on circadian rhythm
  • Annual off-site residency retreats
  • Regularly scheduled social activities
  • Accessible, available, and supportive EM faculty and leadership
  • Support and involvement of residency alumni through panel discussions, grand rounds, and mentorship opportunities
  • DEM supports resident trips to conferences, trainings, and education opportunities relating to wellness
  • Asynchronous education
  • Faculty and resident team-based education opportunities and competitions


  • Wellness activities
  • Circadian rhythm clinical shift scheduling
  • UT Health and UHS resources
  • Mentorship opportunities
  • Training opportunities and education to improve and/or maintain wellness
  • Supportive and friendly physician practice

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