Emergency Medicine is practiced in myriad settings outside the hospital.  The speciality is on the front lines of healthcare and is often the public’s first contact with medical care in countless situations.  In addition to the traditional hospital setting, Emergency Medicine is used in scenarios such as austere settings, disasters, far-forward settings, and low or poorly resourced areas.  Our faculty serve in leadership roles in emergency medicine and related fields at the local, regional, national, and international levels.  

EMS and Pre-Hospital Care

Our EMS program consists of the key components of EMS, Disaster Medicine, Tactical Medicine, and Wilderness Medicine.  EMS faculty engage with local and regional first responder agencies, STRAC and Texas Emergency Medical Task Force and participate in disaster response efforts around the state.  Our program has field response capabilities and can support incidents remotely as well as with on-seen response including recent deployments to areas affected by Hurricane Harvey.   

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Operational Medicine

Military Medicine

Our Department is located in “Military City, USA” and enjoy several  collaborations with the military.  Our faculty and students have numerous opportunities to collaborate with the military on education, research, and patient care endeavors

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The Section of Medical Toxicology provides a variety of resources including medical education, limited bedside consultations, selective outpatient clinic evaluations, and research studies.

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Global Health and the South Texas Refugee Clinic

Global health equity is what we do every day with our patient population that comes from all over the world that we see in the ER everyday.  We also support a UT Health San Antonio student-run refugee clinic in San Antonio.  This clinic serves refugees from such places as Nepal, Burma, Iraq, Iran, Afghanistan, and sub-Saharan Africa.

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