The Section of Medical Toxicology is based in UT Health San Antonio’s Department of Emergency Medicine. Medical toxicologists are experts in evaluating and treating patients with actual and/or suspected toxic exposures and poisonings. These include pharmaceuticals, chemicals, industrial toxins, substance abuse, and recreational drug use, as well as intentional self-harm attempts and inadvertent poisonings in all age groups.

The Section provides a variety of resources including medical education, limited bedside consultations, selective outpatient clinic evaluations, and research studies.

Toxicology Education

Educating residents, medical students, advanced practice providers, nurses, and other learners is a key component of the Section’s mission. Teaching occurs in classrooms, at bedside, in hands-on laboratories, on field trips, during simulation sessions, at the South Texas Poison Center, and in both large and small groups. A toxicology rotation is currently available for residents.


Conducting research investigations plays a key role in toxicology. Studies related to public health, the opioid crisis, antidotes, and dietary supplement use are a few areas of research. Opportunities to engage in toxicology research exist with this Section and the South Texas Poison Center.


Medical Toxicologists provide patient care in a variety of settings, including at the patient’s bedside in the emergency department, in the ICU, and in inpatient units. (These services are limited, but phone consultation is available 24/7.) Outpatient clinic evaluations for patients with possible toxic exposures are offered on a selective basis.

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Unique Opportunities

South Texas offers some unique learning opportunities including snakebite, scorpion sting, and drugs of abuse, given the proximity to the US-Mexico border. Opportunities include:

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