22nd Annual Department of Research Day Was a Success

President Henrich, Dr. Michael Snyder (Keynote Speaker), Dr. Kumar Sharma, Dr. William Reeves (Left to Right)


22nd Annual Department of Research Day was a huge success.

There were over 80 abstracts submitted.

Thank you to all that participant.



Join us in congratulating the Award Winners:

From UT Health SA:

  • Junior Faculty – Subramanya Srikantan (Nephrology) and Josephine Taverna (Hematology Oncology)
  • Postdoc – Marlene Garcia (Cardiology) and Yuejuan Qin (Diabetes)
  • Clinical Fellow – Gustavo Armaiz-Pena (Internal Medicine/Endocrinology)
  • Resident – Nick Stansbury (Project through OBGYN Department)
  • Grad Student – Michael Guderyon (Infectious Disease) and Jason Pizzini (Geriatrics)

From VA:

  • Non clinical trainee- Enrique Torres Hernandez
  • Non clinical faculty – Stacy Hussong
  • Clinical Fellow – Rodolfo Estrada
  • Clinical Resident – Alexander Shaffer

A special Thank You to the following:

Dr. Michael Snyder, Stanford University School of Medicine – Keynote Speaker
Keynote Address Topic: “Wearables, the Exposome and Health”

Dr. Christopher Williams, Vanderbilt University Medical Center – Panel Discussion
Panel Discussion Topic: “Supporting Basic and Translation Research in Academic Medicine”

Dr. Christopher Williams
Dr. William Reeves
Dr. Robert Clark
Dr. Waridibo Allison
Dr. Josephine Taverna

Poster Judges:
Dr. Shweta Bansal
Dr. Manoj Bhattarai
Dr. Madhusudhan Budatha
Dr. Robert Clark
Dr. Patricia Dahia
Dr. Manjula Darshi
Dr. Erin Finley
Dr. Amrita Kamat
Dr. Donna Lehman
Dr. Madesh Muniswamy
Dr. Luke Norton
Dr. Jane O’Rorke
Dr. Marzieh Salehi
Dr. Alexander Shepherd
Dr. Harjinder Singh
Dr. Chandan Takkar
Dr. Na Xiong

Dr. Christopher Williams from Vanderbilt University Medical Center, Dr. Robert Clark, Dr. Josephine Taverna, Dr. Waridibo Allison (From Left to Right)
A view from above
Dr. Chandan Takkar and Dr. Ramana Subramanya Srikantan
Dr. Michael Snyder and Dr. Jia Nie
Dr. Patricia Dahia and Dr. Annapurna Pamreddy
Dr. Amrita Kamat and Dr. Josephine Taverna
Dr. Clark and Dr. Mariam Alatrach
Dr. Manjula Darshi and Dr. Michael Guderyon

Dr. Madesh Muniswamy and Cassidy Daw



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