Our Mission & Commitment to our Patients

Our mission is to be at the forefront of understanding, diagnosing and treating all aspects of kidney diseases. We strive to contribute to a new era of precision medicine, with the goal to always seek and identify the right treatment, at the right time, for each individual patient.

We are well-recognized leaders in providing patients with compassionate and comprehensive treatment with the goal of delaying or reversing kidney disease progression, and maximizing their quality of life. Our care for dialysis patients has achieved a 5 star rating consecutively for the past 3 years which recognizes the top 10% of dialysis units in the USA. We have some of the best-trained nephrologists in the country who offer an array of clinical services to patients with kidney disease.

Nephrology Clinics

Kidneys are vital organs of our body.  They filter blood to get rid of unwanted toxic substances and extra fluid, regulate blood pressure, maintain electrolytes (such as sodium and potassium) balance, and make hormones for red blood cells, etc. Simple infections, chronic use of certain pain medications, and diseases like diabetes and hypertension may damage the kidneys and impair their function. Left untreated, simple kidney disease may progress over time to chronic disease and eventually to kidney failure.  If you suspect you may have a kidney problem or risk factors for kidney disease, don’t delay seeking treatment. Contact us at one of our several locations.