Adley’s Post

Cranial Remolding Clinical Director Darren Poidevin smiles while holding patient Adley Stubbs. Darren is flanked by Adeley's smiling parents.

We recently had the opportunity to speak with Adley Stubbs’ family during her final appointment with the Cranial Remolding Program.was diagnosed with metopic craniosynostosis and is now finished with her treatment. We asked Adley’s mother, Emiley Stubbs, about what the family’s experience was like during the cranial remolding process. “At first we were super nervous. We had to bring our two-month-old to get her surgery and we had to travel nine hours to get here.” Emiley told us that their outlook soon changed after they met with the staff. “The care we received here was amazing. It was very comforting at a time we needed it most. They were accommodating and very responsive.” Emiley tells us despite her initial worries she says that the helmet was “very easy” and Adley got used to it very quickly.

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