Alan Cirlin’s story

Alan Cirlin sitting in a chair and smiling with his hands interlaced.

Alan Cirlin suffered from severe Parkinson’s disease for many years. He couldn’t do simple things like cooking and getting himself dressed. It got to be so bad that he was confined to a wheelchair. “I kept falling over,” he said. “I was like a kid.” Alan started attending a Parkinson’s Support group. It was there that he learned about a procedure for which he was a good candidate. Soon after, he met with Alexander M. Papanastassiou, M.D. A few months later, Dr. Papanastassiouperformed that procedure. Alan shared what he was feeling before surgery: “I was very nervous that there could be complications or damage. But there was no damage to speak of.”

Alan told us that he was pleased with the outcome: “I am so happy with the results. It’s like I got five or six years back in my life. To live this was incredible. I am so happy with the surgery. It is as close to a miracle that I could ever experience.”

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