Carolyn’s Story

Carolyn Taylor sitting in a hospital bed and smiling. She is surrounded by machines and hospital equipment.

Carolyn Taylor began having a sharp pain in her head during a workout. She was unable to move and started to vomit. “I was rushed to the ER near my house,” she told us. “There were no neurosurgeons in Corpus Christi that could handle my case, but the pain was very bad. We were rushed to UHS and was taken into surgery.” When Carolyn arrived, she was met by Ramesh Grandhi, M.D., who performed her surgery, and was put under the supervision of the neurocritical care team. Carolyn had nothing but positive things to tell us about her care. “The staff has been really attentive and really nice. They respected me and everyone is friendly and were very happy to help us out. The staff here at UHS have been wonderful. I [would] especially like to thank Dr. Webb, Dr. Grandhi, and Dr. Seifi. The rest of the staff and the nurses were also wonderful.”

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