Grand Rounds: Michael T. Lawton, M.D.

Residents and faculty stand with Dr. Lawton.

Michael T. Lawton, M.D., visited the Department of Neurosurgery to speak during grand rounds and provide his guidance regarding faculty and resident case presentations. Dr. Lawton is president and CEO of the Barrow Neurological Institute (BNI) in Phoenix, Arizona, and chair of the Department of Neurosurgery at BNI. He is an internationally recognized neurosurgeon with an extensive history of clinical and academic achievement. We were honored to host Dr. Lawton today and benefit from his tremendous experience in vascular and skull base neurosurgery.

Residents and faculty listen to Dr. Lawton.

Dr. Lawton is presented with an accolade.

Dr. Lawton is presented with an accolade.

Faculty members stand with Dr. Lawton.


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