Hudson’s Story

Cranial Remolding Clinical Director Darren Poidevin smiling while standing next to Patient Hudson Lockhart and his parents.

Hudson Lockhart recently completed his cranial remolding treatment for sagittal craniosynostosis. We were able to catch up with his family to ask about their experience.

“We always said before we all started that this was one of the scariest things in the world,” Hudson’s father told us. “But looking back at all the people we met here, it is a lot less scary since we were with the best. We had an amazing experience. The change in the shape of Hudson’s head was incredible.”

When asked about the quality of the care they received, Hudson’s parents praised the staff.

“We cannot say enough good things about the people we’ve met here at Cranial Remolding. Monica and the staff treated us with nothing but respect. And that made all the difference for us.”

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