Nicki’s Story

Dr. Izabela Tarasiewicz and Nicki sitting in clinic and smiling.

Nicki’s family told us that they originally brought her into the emergency room because she was “getting fevers that she couldn’t shake.” After they found out she had a serious left-sided intracranial abscess, Nicki was rushed into surgery. Izabela Tarasiewicz, M.D., performed a hemicraniectomy and Ramesh Grandhi, M.D., placed a pipeline. She also had multiple abscess drainage procedures because of a medically refractory infection. During her follow-up, Nicki’s father explained to us that Nicki is slowly becoming herself again.

“She is working on being Nikki again. We are pleased with the progress. We are so glad that she is with us. The doctors have been great. Getting to knowing them, we learned that they are very caring. Nicki is recovering well and is able to walk and her speech is returning.”

Nicki’s father gave us advice for parents going through a similar situation: “Keep your head up. Have faith in the doctors and the technology. She was a rare case, but the doctors and nurses never gave up.”

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