Victoria Briseno’s Story

Dr. Garvin and other members of the Neurocritical Care Team standing and smiling with Patient Victoria Briseno.

Last November, Victoria Briseno began experiencing neck pain that quickly progressed to limb weakness. She was taken to an ER for fear that she had suffered a spinal cord stroke. After being hospitalized for nine days, Victoria was transferred to the Neuro ICU at UHS for evaluation and treatment. She was treated by Rachel Garvin, M.D., and the Neurocritical Care Team. When Victoria arrived, she had almost no movement in any of her extremities and required a breathing tube. Dr. Garvin told us about the care Victoria was given: “She was treated aggressively, evaluating in depth the potential cause for her stroke. She required a tracheostomy and a feeding tube and extended time on the ventilator.” Dr. Garvin also told us that although Victoria began to get some movement back, it was unclear how much she would ultimately recover. We are happy to report that Victoria was discharged from physical rehabilitation in late December; she is walking and no longer requires a tracheostomy or feeding tube. Victoria is thrilled to be back home with her infant daughter and family. She is excited for what the future holds.

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