Deaf Education Training in Texas

The Deaf Education & Hearing Science Program at UT Health San Antonio is one of the largest teacher preparation programs utilizing the listening and spoken language ( LSL) approach to deaf education in the country. Because of the high demand for deaf education professionals, there are two campus options in Texas: Sunshine Cottage School for Deaf Children in San Antonio, and The Melinda Webb School at Texas Hearing Institute in Houston. Offering a second campus allows more students to participate in the DEHS Program and become skilled in the LSL method.

Additionally, the DEHS Program Director, Dr. Trautwein, believes that the second campus option will benefit under-served communities in Texas. All DEHS Program graduates make lives better and work with children who are deaf/hard of hearing in a variety of educational settings. There are also many unfilled employment opportunities available in preschool or elementary classrooms, itinerant services, and other settings. The DEHS Program trains teachers in San Antonio and Houston to fill these vacancies.

Graduates from the DEHS Program also qualify for certification by Council on Education of the Deaf (CED). CED is a nationally recognized organization dedicated to quality education of all deaf/hard of hearing students.

Thanks to a new grant from the U.S. Department of Education, all students accepted into this graduate program have their tuition and fees covered by the DEHS Program. For more information on scholarship opportunities and restrictions, all interested students are encouraged to reach out to the Program Director. Send us your name and email address to be added to our contact list. We send reminders about applications and other DEHS Program updates.

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