About Our Services

The CCNCR provides participating researchers within the Department of Pediatrics with a variety of services related to the implementation and conduct of clinical trials and research studies. These services include, but are not limited to:

  • Participant recruitment and enrollment: Identifying eligible study participants and ensuring their informed consent.
  • Study coordination: Overseeing the logistics and organization of the research study, including scheduling visits and procedures for participants.
  • Data collection and management: Accurately recording participant data and maintaining study databases.
  • Regulatory compliance: Ensuring the study follows all ethical guidelines, regulations, and protocols.
  • Institutional review board (IRB) submissions: Preparing and submitting study protocols and amendments for IRB approval.
  • Communication with participants: Keeping participants informed about the study progress and addressing their concerns.
  • Investigational product management: Handling the administration and storage of study drugs or devices.
  • Adverse event reporting: Monitoring and reporting any adverse events experienced by participants during the study.
  • Quality control and assurance: Implementing measures to maintain data accuracy and study integrity.
  • Collaboration with study sponsors: Maintaining communication with study sponsors or pharmaceutical companies.
  • Study close-out: Ensuring all study-related materials are appropriately archived and completing necessary documentation.
  • Training and education: Providing education and training to study staff and investigators on study protocols and procedures.
  • Budget management: Assisting in managing the study budget and tracking expenses.
  • Site monitoring visits: Hosting and facilitating visits from sponsor representatives or monitors.
  • Compliance with Good Clinical Practice (GCP) guidelines: Adhering to GCP standards for conducting clinical research.

Service Cost

All of the services offered will require a fee for service.  Fees are dependent on the complexity of the study, number of visits, and type of support (nursing, data management etc). A summary of costs will be provided after feasibility has been approved by CCNRC and prior to initiation of services.