Data Management and Sharing Plan Templates and Budget Tools

All NIH funding applications generating scientific data will require a two-page Data Management and Sharing Plan (DMS Plan or DMSP) as of January 25, 2023. The NIH Data Management and Sharing Policy states requirements for the new DMS Plans. The Division of Clinical Research Informaticists (CRI) Clinical Research Informatics Specialists (CRIS) are supporting the implementation of the NIH Data Management and Sharing Policy at UTHSA by:

(1) Offering consultations to investigators directing them on NIH requirements and providing guidance as needed

(2) Providing DMSP templates for human, animal, and non-human/non-animal studies

(3) Providing direct assistance in drafting the DMSP, associated budgets, and budget justification language for Investigators

(4) Encouraging researchers to participate in the new FDP NIH DMSP Template Pilot project as it is expected to ease the administrative burden on researchers (to participate use the link below or click here)

Through support from the Office of the Vice President for Research (VPR), CRI consultations are provided at no cost to the investigators for the initial months of the implementation period. Email to start the process. The earlier we start, the more complete your sharing plan package. Contacting CRI a month or more before your application is due is not too early. Emailing within two weeks of submission is often too late to fully explore data sources, decide on optimal methods, and select appropriate sharing repositories.

FDP NIH DMSP Template Pilot

DMS Plan Templates (detailed instructions in each template)

NIH DMSP Prospective Clinical Study Template

NIH DMSP Animal Study Template

NIH DMSP Studies Using Human Tissue (no human contact)

NIH DMSP Basic Science Studies (no humans, no animals) – Coming Soon

NIH DMSP Secondary Analysis Studies (relying on existing data) – Coming Soon

Budget Calculator and Budget Justification

Budget Justification – Example

DMS Effort Calculator

NIH DMS Plan PHS 398 Instructions

Genomic data sharing language is being added to the templates – updates coming soon