Student Oversight Committee

Physiology & Pharmacology Discipline

The Student Oversight Committee (SOC) of the Physiology & Pharmacology discipline administers and coordinates the policies of the Integrated Biomedical Sciences Graduate Program, and reports directly to the Executive Committee on Graduate Studies (eCOGS) of the IBMS Program. This committee is comprised of members of the Physiology and Pharmacology graduate faculty. The SOC is responsible for coordinating activities in the P^P discipline. Responsibilities include, but are not limited to, defining the curriculum, establishing procedures, evaluating students, and other pertinent policy matters.

In addition, the SOC is responsible for local monitoring of the progress of students, for advising students on their overall curriculum plans and their compliance with IBMS guidelines, and for facilitating two-way communications between students and the IBMS eCOGS.

The eCOGS is responsible for creating guidelines, requirements, and expectations of the program. The eCOGS consists of representatives of each discipline, acts on such matters as:

  • Development and maintenance of curriculum
  • Monitoring student progress
  • Approving the selection of Supervising Professors, memberships of Qualifying Exam committees and research (dissertation) committees
  • Mediation of disputes between students and Supervising Professors
  • Viewing qualifications for membership on the discipline Graduate Faculty