How to Apply

1. Prospective applicants should email an up-to-date Curriculumn Vitae and cover letter (as PDFs) to the Program Coordinator. Additional information will be requested from eligible applicants prior to consideration.

Contact Michelle Pena
Department of Cellular and Integrative Physiology
UT Health San Antonio


2. In their cover letter, the prospective applicant should identify the program faculty they would like to train with. Each trainee in the program has both a mentor and co-mentor.

3. Appoint to the training program is by the IAC in consideration of:

  1. Publication history and a history of presenting research findings at national/international meetings;
  2. Academic and scholarly excellence, research awards and successful grant applications;
  3. Description of the proposed training and mentorship plans to include goals, potential collaborations, incorporation of a multidisciplinary approach, and benchmarks for success as detailed by both the prospective applicant and mentors;
  4. The career goals/development plan (individual development plan) as detailed by the applicant;
  5. Evidence of leadership;
  6. Evidence of the ability (want) to collaborate with the goal of incorporating multidisciplinary approaches into their science and widening their scope of interest;
  7. A history of excellence and creativity in career/personal achievement. Emphasis is placed on novelty of ideas and approaches, plans to collaborate and use multidisciplinary approaches, and the proven record of the candidate. Our goal is to identify creative thinkers that are also high achievers, and then to prepare these emerging scientists to be leaders by equipping them with the latest ideas, techniques and technology.