Message from the Program Director

kromaUT Health at San Antonio has a superb Interventional Radiology training Program that dated back to 1994 when Interventional Radiology was first recognized as a medical specialty by the ABMS and the AMA. Great pioneers and Gold medalist in IR came from this institution including but not limited to Dr. Palmaz; the inventor of the first balloon mounted stent graft. UT Health at San Antonio has an extensive history of providing comprehensive Interventional Radiology training for hundreds of radiology residents and over 45 vascular and interventional fellows.

IR section at UT Health provides across the board domain of vascular and non-vascular procedures. Clinical care is at the heart of our IR practice. IR section runs outpatient clinic, inpatient consultative care, admits patients, manages patient care, and maintains a robust clinical practice.

Our IR faculty are committed to educational excellence, hoping to provide residents a carefully balanced program of structured learning, education, and hands-on experience with graduated responsibility.

Our close collaboration with the diagnostic radiology program, tailored to the needs of the IR residents. We are very fortunate to have a strong support of surgery department in providing our residents an internship, Intensive care, and vascular surgery rotations.

We are privilege to be able to train our residents in an outstanding facility, the University hospital, that is level one trauma center and transplant center with over 700 beds, and the VA hospital.

Our technologist, nurses and PA’s are the backbone of our procedure quality. Their clinical expertise and commitment to patient’s care are second to none.

And the secret of whatever success we have, is the close-knit group of hardworking, compassionate, analytic, and creative residents. Together they are role models for an effective team, supporting the educational mission of our institution, and taking advantage of opportunities to collaborate on IR research.

Ghazwan M Kroma, M.D.
Program Director of the Interventional Radiology Integrated and Independent Residenc