Graduates of our program are compassionate physicians with outstanding technical skills and excellent clinical judgment.

Graduates are prepared for highly rewarding careers as broadly-trained general surgeons. Upon graduation, the majority of our residents pursue fellowship training in high caliber subspecialty training programs. Those residents who do not desire additional training are highly successful in the private practice community. Our graduates have taken positions in a great variety of locations throughout the United States. Our teaching faculty come from diverse backgrounds providing our residents with many opportunities to learn a variety of approaches to clinical problems.

What do our residents do after graduation? The possibilities are limitless! Many residents choose to complete a fellowship, while others go directly into private practice. Because your training will be broad, you will have the opportunity to follow any path you choose.

Graduation Year 2023

NamePost-Graduate Activity
Casar, AlexandraPediatric Surgery Fellowship, Brown University, Providence, RI
Clevenger, NicoleSurgical Critical Care Fellowship, San Antonio, TX
Effendi, Jahanzeb General Surgery, Paris Regional Health, Paris, TX
Hansen, DanielGeneral Surgery, USAF, London, England
Kwakman, RiomSurgical Oncology Fellowship, Roswell Park Cancer Institute, Buffalo, NY
Laffoon, AllisonCosmetic Plastics Fellowship, Nashville, TN
Thomas, Rose
Threatt, TabithaSurgical Critical Care Fellowhsip, Medical University of South Carolina
Yracheta, JaclynColorectal Surgery Fellowship, UT Houston, TX

Case Volume

To be eligible to take the American Board of Surgery qualifying examination residents must perform procedures in the minimum required number of cases in each surgical category. The table below shows required procedures, the minimum number of cases required and the median number of procedures in each category performed by our most recent graduating chief residents:

Procedure Minimum
General Surg
Median Number
Skin & Soft Tissue 25 72
Breast 40 65
Head & Neck 25 53
Alimentary Tract 180 277
Abdominal 250 403
Vascular 50 97
Endocrine 15 28
Operative Trauma 10 46
Nonoperative Trauma 40 132
Thoracic 20 34
Pediatric 20 38
Plastic 10 20
Surgical Critical Care 40 63
Laparoscopic – Basic 100 267
Laparoscopic – Complex 75 132
Endoscopy 85 110
Total Major 850 1062
Total Chief 200 247
Total Teaching Assistant 25 47


Previous Graduates

Graduation Year 2022

NamePost-Graduate Activity
Gonzalez, Adam General Surgery, Wright-Patterson AFB, OH
Jensen, Jason Bariatric and Minimally Invasive Surgery Fellowship, KS
Sippel, Michael Surgical Critical Care Fellowship, San Antonio, TX
Smith, Kari Plastic Surgery Fellowship, University of Alabama, Birmingham, AL
Voytovich, Keely Colorectal Surgery Fellowship, Baylor Hospital Dallas, TX
Wampler, Mallory Craniofacial Plastic Surgery Fellowship, Cleveland Clinic, OH

Graduation Year 2021

NamePost-Graduation Activity
Baer, HallieColorectal Surgery Fellowship, New Orleans, LA
Brackett, NicciSurgical Oncology Fellowship, Columbus, OH
Brigmon, ErikaSurgical Critical Care Fellowship, San Antonio, TX
Finucan, MichaelColorectal Fellowship, Atlanta, GA
Goddard, SabrinaSurgical Critical Care Fellowship, UAB, Birmingham, AL
Grimm, JillianColorectal Fellowship, Houston, TX
Riella, JulianoHPB and Organ Transplant Fellowship, Miami, FL
Rogers, ElizabethGeneral Surgery, Dallas, TX

Graduation Year 2020

NamePost-Graduation Activity
Al Fayyadh, MohammedColorectal Fellowship, Atlanta, GA
Bonilla, RafaelGeneral Surgery, Lebanon, MO
Hockridge, DavidGeneral Surgery, San Angelo, TX
Johnson, MichaelCardiothoracic Surgery Fellowship, Greenville, NC
Jung, HyungminGeneral Surgery, Ft. Worth, TX
Merritt, ClintBreast Surgery Fellowship, Washington, DC
Rabbani, MuhammadHPB and Organ Transplant Fellowship, Birmingham, AL

Graduation Year 2019

NamePost-Graduation Activity
Chodroff, LeahSurgical Oncology Fellowship, Philadelphia, PA
Duncan, MalloryTransition to Practice Fellowship, San Antonio, TX
Febres, JuanCritical Care Fellowship, Bronx, NY
Ghani, AlinaGeneral Surgery Private Practice, Laredo, TX
Hsiung, GraceGeneral Surgery Private Practice, San Antonio, TX
Jordan, YekaterinaGeneral Surgery Private Practice, San Antonio, TX
Lawson, ShariPlastic Surgery Fellowship, Birmingham, AL
Lewis, AaronGeneral Surgery Private Practice, Jackson, TN
Mitchell, SarahEndocrine Fellowship, Dallas, TX
Pedracini, AmberAcute Care Surgery, Boise, ID

Graduation Year 2018

NamePost-Graduation Activity
Alarhayem, AbdulVascular Fellowship, Cleveland Clinic
Almonte, GermanGeneral Surgery, Highland Community Hospital,
Picayune, MS
Aminsharifi, JasonGeneral Surgery, University of Colorado Health
Calvo, CarissiaBreast Oncology Fellowship, UT Southwestern,
Dallas, TX
Folwell, JaredSurgical Critical Care Fellowship, San Antonio
Military Medical Center, San Antonio, TX
Garcia, AndreaGeneral Surgery, Baptist Medical Center,
San Antonio, TX
Wiersch, JohnPediatric Critical Care Fellowship, Wayne State
University-Detroit Medical Center

Graduation Year 2017

NamePost-Graduation Activity
Adams, AndrewPrivate Practice, Dodge City, KS
Admire, JohnGeneral Surgery, UT Health San Antonio
Babayeuski, RamanPrivate Practice, Rolla, MO
Cardenas, TatianaSurgical Critical Care Fellowship,
UT Health San Antonio
Gomez, Pedro PabloMinimally Invasive Surgery Fellowship,
Virginia Commonwealth Univ, Richmond, VA
Kirkpatrick, VinceBariatric Surgery Fellowship, Orlando Health,
Orlando, FL
Marcano, JuanCardiothoracic Surgery Fellowship, Texas
Heart Institute,Baylor College of Medicine, Houston, TX
Martinez, RobertoPlastic Surgery Fellowship, Univ of Virginia,
Charlottesville, VA
Michalke, SpencerPlastic Surgery Fellowship, Univ of Mississippi
Medical Center, Jackson, MS