We take resident wellness seriously. We have created a Wellness Committee of faculty and residents with the intent of providing resources and activities designed to promote our residents’ well-being.

Community Building/Fun

  • Team Building Breakfast
  • COVID care package doorstep deliveries
  • Incoming PGY1 Welcome Party
  • “I’m on call” gift bags (snacks, toiletries)
  • Ropes course team building
  • Spring Fling Resident Appreciation party
  • Club Giraud Winter Holiday party
  • Aust Society graduation banquet
  • Tickets to shows, plays, and performances around town

Wellness Lectures

  • Maintaining Good Nutrition
  • Tips for Starting a Successful Practice
  • Rules for Physician Financial Life Cycle and Making it to the Finish Line Safely: Burnout in General Surgery
  • Understanding Feedback
  • Efficient Learning Strategies: Working Smarter… Not Harder

Stress Assessment

  • Wellness Needs Assessment

Identifying High-Risk Residents

Resources for Help and Support

  • There are two sources of individual wellness counseling available. One source is through UT Health San Antonio (i.e., the University) and the other is through University Hospital (i.e., the hospital).

2023 Wellness Committee

  • Jason Kempenich, M.D. – General Surgery, Program Director
  • Ashley McGinity, M.D. – Trauma
  • Danielle Fritze, M.D. – Transplant
  • Cari Calvo-Strube, M.D. – Surgical Oncology
  • Ross Willis, Ph.D. – Director of Surgical Education
  • Katiuscha Merath, M.D. – PGY5
  • Hector Elizondo, M.D. – PGY4
  • Ronit Patnaik, M.D. – PGY4
  • Alexandra Hill, D.O. – PGY4
  • Kelly Harrell, D.O.  – PGY3
  • Vika Guloyan, D.O. – Research
  • Angela Le Atkinson, M.D. – Research
  • Sam Murphy, M.D. – Research
  • Grant Gershner, M.D. – Research