Application Process

MS-4 rotations at UT Health San Antonio Department of Urology

It is advisable that applicants for any Urology residency program try to do a rotation with their preferred training programs. This will help them to get to know the residents they may be training with, the strengths & weaknesses of the program, and the faculty. We usually have 3-4 MS-4 rotators on service during the summer and fall of the academic year. At least 1 of these 4-week positions is held for outside students during each period. Students usually rotate on the Pediatric, University Hospital, Adult Oncology (Santa Rosa) and South Texas VA services during their time here. Students are required to do a short (15 minute) presentation on an assigned topic to demonstrate their learning and teaching skills. Research and QI projects with faculty and residents are also possible during this time but may extend beyond the actual time on service. Interaction with the faculty is important if letters of recommendation are sought. The MS-4 slots fill quickly and are usually granted on a first-come basis. A background check is required of all rotators and references may be requested if there are too many applicants for the available positions. In general, interviews for applicants to Urology programs occur in the months of September through. Rotations are scheduled through VSAS.

Application process for PGY-1 positions.

The UT Health San Antonio Urology match for the residency training starting in 2021 will continue as in previous years. Briefly, the applications are funneled through the AUA match system which requires programs and students to submit their preference lists in early January with the actual match list being published at the end of January. Non-matched applicants can participate in the AUA ‘scramble’ if spots are open, or they may submit applications to other types of training programs in the NRMP match, which is usually complete in March.

No couples matching is available through the AUA match system. Please visit the American Urological Association website for other questions and information.

About our Program

Urology training at UT Health San Antonio is ACGME accredited with four residents at each level of training. The program is 60 months in length including the PGY-1 year. Three residents are civilian and one is reserved for a military trainee each year. A description of the program specifics and Goals & Objectives for each year and rotation is published in the Resident Handbook. Please feel free to click the link and review this document at your leisure. On the main page of our web site, you will find information about our entire faculty and the general workings of the Department. Additionally, embedded below is a video which provides an overview of the Urology Residency Program.

Our Application Process

The AUA match opens for applicants on September 2023. Usually, we receive around 250-300 applications for our three civilian positions. The military position is matched separately under an agreement with the Department of Defense. We will likely close our accrual of applicants on September 15, 2023 and begin the process of evaluating the applications. In general, incomplete military applications should be made complete before September 15, 2023, or they will be dropped from consideration.  Military interviews will be held on Thursday, October 12, 2023

When completed, applications are divided for consideration by several independent committees of the faculty. These committees score the application and rank-order according to their area of review. Except for the program director, no faculty member sits on more than one committee and the results of other committees’ scoring are blinded until after the interviews are completed. Each area is weighted as determined by the faculty at the Annual Program Evaluation (APE) review. Based upon the weighted overall score, the top candidates are invited for interviews. Thirty to thirty-two applicants will be interviewed during our virtual interview sessions scheduled for Monday, November 20 and Tuesday, November 21, 2023.

Five committees review the following application requirements:

    • General application, scores, and transcripts
    • Personal Statements, Life Experiences, Honors & Awards
    • Letters of Recommendation
    • Research Activity
    • Applicant Interview

The interview process for each applicant includes a panel interview with faculty and question and answer session with current residents in the program. The panel interview is integral to determining the candidates thinking process and fit for the program.

After all interviews are completed, the faculty meet to go over scoring from the teams and interviews. A final match list is then developed and submitted. No additional contact is necessary after the interviews.

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