Clinical Hospital Medicine Fellowship

We offer this clinical track to Family Medicine and Internal Medicine graduates who are seeking further clinical exposure as hospitalists in a bustling tertiary care setting, tending to acutely ill patients with diverse presentations and pathologies. Our goal is to graduate well rounded hospitalists who can manage common illnesses seen on the wards exceptionally well. We have developed a rigorous curriculum as described below to help fellows practice evidence-based hospital medicine. Fellows will receive mentorship and feedback at regular intervals, as well as opportunities to refine their clinical practice, making the transition from residency to faculty effortless.

Duration: 1 year

Clinical responsibilities:

  • First 28 weeks of the year: Supervised training on direct care teams.
  • Last 24 weeks of the year: Independent care for patients on direct care teams for 12 weeks total. 7 days on / 7 days off.

Academic opportunities:

  • Quality improvement through the Clinical Safety and Effectiveness course and through mentored projects within the division of hospital medicine.
  • Medical educator track which will include a project.
  • Operational leadership training.
  • Formal teaching sessions for students, residents, and faculty.
  • Mentored medical education projects.
  • Point of care ultrasound exposure.
  • Opportunities for training in procedures common to Hospital Medicine.


  • Provide 18 academic days over the course of the year.
  • Based on the core competencies of Hospital Medicine as determined by SHM.
  • Built in time for self-study and working on projects/presentations, as well as identifying areas they would like to explore further.


  • Competitive stipend.
  • Health, dental, life, disability, and malpractice insurance.
  • Time and support for research projects and professional travel.
  • UT Health will support part of the moving expenses.
Ankur Segon, MD MPH FACP SFHM Professor and Chief, Hospital Medicine
"We are excited to see that you’re interested in additional training to master inpatient medicine. We hope you chose UT Health San Antonio to do so! Please do not hesitate to ask us questions." Ankur Segon, MD MPH FACP SFHM Professor and Chief, Hospital Medicine