James Durham

Former Patient James Durham standing and smiling with a group of Neurocritical Care Team members.
Six years ago, James Durham was in a motorcycle accident. He was immediately rushed to the ER, where he was treated by the Neurocritical Care team. During his time in the hospital, he had a craniotomy, which was performed by Viktor Bartanusz, MD. James shared part of his experience with us:
“I was in a coma for 5 weeks, but my family and I were treated very well. I was amazed at how these doctors could do what they do but also be so companionate. The doctors and staff were fantastic.”Today James is doing great. Recently he and his family came back to UHS to visit the doctors and staff that treated him. James tells us that he and his family love coming to reconnect with the doctor and nurses who treated him in the past. James spends a lot of his time sharing his experience through public outreach. He was more than happy to share his advice with us: “Remember you have to take it one minute at a time and be grateful. Find something positive. Look for the good things that happen and be grateful for the good days.”


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