Special Visit from Turkish Ambassador

Turkish Ambassador Namik Tan standing and smiling with Drs. David Jimenez and Murat Digicaylioglu in the neurosurgery conference room.

Turkey’s Ambassador to the United States, Namik Tan, visited the Department of Neurosurgery on May 24. Ambassador Tan met David F. Jimenez, MD, professor and chairman of neurosurgery, other neurosurgery faculty, and residents of the department to emphasize bridges between the countries. Ambassador Tan, invited faculty in the department and the UT Health Long School of Medicine to visit Turkey and to seek opportunities for medical collaboration. Murat Digicaylioglu, MD, PhD, associate professor of neurosurgery and physiology and research director of neurosurgery, is a personal friend of Ambassador Tan.

On Monday, June 10, Dr. Digicaylioglu will appear before the United Nations Medical Council in New York to discuss neurosurgery and collaborations. A future visit to the Department of Neurosurgery is planned for Halit Cevik, Turkey’s Ambassador to the U.N., Dr. Digicaylioglu said.

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