Student and Resident Learners

We offer learning experiences to medical students and residents. The goal of this experience is to increase the learner’s awareness that maltreatment is a common cause of many acute, delayed, and chronic physical and mental health conditions. During this time, learners will recognize demographic risk factors, but will see child abuse as a medical diagnosis made by the history and physical examination.

Students and residents will learn the type of history and physical exam necessary to evaluate concerns for physical abuse and neglect and how to document in the correct medico-legal format. They will learn the reporting mandate and know how to report to the appropriate agency(s). Learners will understand the immediate, short term, intermediate term, and long-term effects of child maltreatment that extend out into adulthood. Most patient care activity occurs in the outpatient setting, but learners may participate in emergency room and inpatient consults. They will also participate in staffings with CPS and other investigators and may have the opportunity to observe court hearings.

Please contact Dr. James Lukefahr at 210-704-3800 for more details.


The UT Health San Antonio fellowship in Child Abuse Pediatrics (CAP) was established in 2006 and is a fully accredited ACGME 3- year fellowship.

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