Ongoing Projects

Prevalence of normal anogenital examination in children identified in sexual abuse materials

Improve the drug confirmation testing rate at the hospitals(QI project)

Prior head circumference measurements in infants with older subdural hematomas: did we miss it?

Abuse & Neglect in Contacts of Maltreated Children

Interrater Reliability Study, Telehealth Institute for Child Maltreatment (Minnesota)

Child Abuse Trigger System

Evaluating secondary trauma among learners during their child abuse rotation (QI project)

Children and Families Affected by Parental Substance Use (Proposed AAP Clinical Report, co authors Vincent Smith, Celeste Wilson, Karen Farst, Nancy Kellogg)

Oral and Dental Aspects of Child Abuse and Neglect (Proposed AAP Clinical Report, co authors Anupama Rao Tate, Susan A. Fisher-Owens, Lora Spiller, Jillian Muhlbauer, James L. Lukefahr)

Sexual Behaviors in Children (Proposed AAP Clinical Report, co authors Norell Rosada, Annie Torres, Rebecca Girardet, Natalie Kissoon, Nancy Kellogg)



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Grant Activities

Forensic Assessment Center Network: October 2006 to Present
The Division of Child Abuse Pediatrics at UT Health San Antonio is one of six UT medical school programs designated as a center of excellence to establish a statewide system to provide medical consultation and support to Child Protective Services (CPS). Funding was established through Senate Bill 6 in 2006 and is ongoing.

Child Maltreatment in Bexar County, Grant submitted in community engagement small project grant
Dr. Monica Lawson, UTSA Pl