Clinical Services

Our General Pediatric Resident Clinic is housed on the Robert B. Green (RBG) campus of the University Hospital System, located in the downtown area and serving a mostly disadvantaged patient population. The faculty of the General Pediatric Division (GPD) oversee our 43 general pediatric residents as they offer full service Primary Care Practice for children 0-18 years of age, through their Continuity and Acute Care Clinics. Their clinics serve as the Medical Home of more than 6,500 children of San Antonio in Bexar County and surrounding counties.

Our payor mix consists of approximately 80% Medicaid Managed Care Plans, 5 % uninsured, and the remainder privately insured. The clinic cares for many with complex medical, social, and economic challenges.

Continuity Clinic
This clinic is staffed by pediatric residents and General Pediatrics faculty, who provide routine well-child/teen visits, as well as follow-up visits for chronic medical problems. Appointments are necessary.

Acute Care Clinic
The Acute Care Clinic provides same-day visits for patients with acute medical or minor traumatic conditions — those patients who need evaluation before an appointment with their primary care physician is available. Medical care is provided by resident physicians and medical students under the direct supervision of experienced UT Health San Antonio faculty pediatricians. Because this is a walk-in clinic, waiting times will vary with the number of children registered. The most ill/injured children are given priority.

We also offer a faculty practice clinic staffed by our General Pediatrics faculty at two locations.

Children’s Health Center/UT KIDS

University Health RBG Campus
903 W. Martin
San Antonio, TX 78207
Tel: 210-358-5437 (358-KIDS)
Fax: 210-358-6880

UT Health General Pediatrics

2829 Babcock Rd.
Tower 1 #407
San Antonio, TX 78229
Tel: 210-450-6570

RBG Campus Faculty

UT Health Physicians Practice General Pediatric Providers