Kidney or Renal Transplant

Kidney transplant services provided by our nephrologists earn the “Best for outcomes in South Texas” based on one-year survival rate among kidney transplant recipients by the Scientific Registry of Transplant Recipients. In addition, performances of our highly experienced nephrologists exceed national expectations according to the Registry.

Our skilled kidney specialists, in partnership with the University Transplant Center, provide the most comprehensive and outstanding kidney transplant care. We provide care before the transplant, during transplant surgery, and after transplant surgery and extend our care to outreach services at several clinics beyond San Antonio.  If you have kidney failure and are eligible to receive a kidney transplant, our nephrologists are also available to take care of you.

University Hospital – Adult Transplant Clinic

Rio Tower, 2nd Floor, Elevator D
4502 Medical Dive
San Antonio, TX  78229
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For more information, please call at 210-567-5777 or visit us online.