Neurosurgery Shining Stars Award Winner – Mary Ann Barragan

We are pleased to share the news that the winner of our Neurosurgery Shining Stars Award for the month of December is Mary Ann Barragan.

Mary Ann has been with the Department of Neurosurgery for ten years. She originally served as a senior administrative assistant while finishing her nursing degree. She went on to work as an ICU nurse in Neurosurgery and Trauma. She has the distinction of being the first nurse case manager recruited in our department.

Mary Ann is hard-working, compassionate, and knowledgeable. Her co-workers describe her as a model employee because of her willingness to help any patient or staff member in need of assistance. Her strength, kindness, and dedication to her work motivate the people around her every single day.

Congratulations, Mary Ann! We thank you for all the contributions you make to the success of our department.

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