Assessments & Evaluations

Dr. Newton looking at monitor with resident

Residents are formally evaluated by faculty at each clinical rotation. Residents are also evaluated anonymously by medical students and by patients, nursing staff, and peers on a semi-annual basis to help them in their development as obstetrician/gynecologists. Our Clinical Competency Committee meets several times each year to review all residents’ progress in the training program. Semi-annual meetings are held individually with the residency program director to review the resident’s progress and performance, career goals, and to develop an individualized plan to support our residents’ development.

Residents anonymously evaluate all faculty and the residency program semi-annually.

Residents take the Council on Resident Education in Obstetrics and Gynecology (CREOG) in-service examination annually to help facilitate self-directed learning and study in preparation for the ABOG Qualifying Examination upon graduation. The program also provides a subscription for all residents to utilize a test preparation software for both the CREOG in-service exam and the ABOG qualifying exams.