Leadership Development

We want our residents to develop into obstetrician/gynecologists that will continue to promote and enhance women’s healthcare in their future. During their training, we empower our residents to get involved to impact change and progress, in line with their own career ambitions and passions through resident leadership in the program, institution, community, and beyond.

Some examples of resident leadership include:

  • Resident Liaison to the OBGYN Interest Group
  • GME Housestaff Council officers and representatives
  • Senior Medical Student Awards Committee member
  • Residency Program Evaluation Committee member
  • Baby Friendly Initiative Task Force member
  • Quality Assurance and Process Improvement Committee member
  • Hospital Transfer Committee member
  • ACOG Section V, District XI officers
  • ACOG Social Media Task Force member
  • SASGOG Resident Reporter Program
  • Clinical Safety and Effectiveness Course graduate
  • Resident Director of Simulation
  • Residency Interview Committee
  • ACOG Toy Advocacy Fellow
  • Program Evaluation Committee member
  • Peer Mentor Council
  • Clinician Educator Track
Dr. Lo Guarisco

“The autonomy in the O.R.! We function as the primary surgeons for our cases, getting firsthand experience, with our faculty there to assist and guide us!”
-Dr. Lo Guarisco, Class of 2022