PCCM Board Review Program

Certification in both Pediatrics and Pediatric Critical Care are milestones that lay the foundation for life-long learning in our field of practice. Given the importance of accomplishing this milestone in a timely manner post-completion of each training program and the anxiety and stress that it can impart when preparing, we feel it is our obligation to support our trainees in the organized preparation for each of these important endeavors. To that end, the Department of Pediatric and the Division of Pediatric Critical Care have devised a Board Preparation Curriculum and Boot Camp for each of the 2 certification exams.

Pediatric Certification Exam Preparation:

The Curriculum for the Pediatric Board Certification Exam will include three key parts:

  • New England Journal of Medicine Knowledge + adaptive learning platform
  • Med Study/Pediatrics Options (you choose)
    • Attend Live review course in Dallas in August (Travel & Hotel at your expense)
    • Online – Watch Live from San Antonio
    • Videos – Watch when & where at any time
  • Dedicated Study time for Board Boot Camp in Sept-Mid Oct.

Pediatric Critical Care Certification Exam Preparation:

The Curriculum for the Pediatric Critical Care Board Certification Exam will include:

  • “How do you learn best?” Assessment tool to allow for individualized study plan
  • AAP Prep ICU Questions for Pediatric Critical Care
  • Preparation for Annual In-training Exams with month-long daily “Battle of the Brains” Text War.
  • Who can get the questions right the fastest and win the Brain Trophy??
  • Annual In-training Exams
  • Annual SCCM Knowledge Assessment Exam
  • Dedicated Study time during Board Boot Camp in Senior Year that focuses on your strengths and weaknesses
  • Core curriculum during weekly Fellows Conference
  • Attending an SCCM Board Review Course the fall before you take your PCCM Certification Exam (Payment is on us!)