Educational Resources

There is a strong emphasis on fellow education, both clinically and theoretically. Every year, we organize a boot camp for incoming first year fellows to review high yield topics of routine critical care that may be useful in their coming time in the PICU and PCCU. We have a uniformly designed didactics schedule for fellow education, which includes core critical care curriculum, Morbidity & Mortality conference, and journal club. Fellow conferences are structured to involve presentations by fellows, critical care attendings and other pediatric specialists. Our fellows also have the opportunity attend Multi-disciplinary cardiac care conferences and departmental grand rounds provided by the department of pediatrics.

The simulation center at H-E-B Clinical Skills Center at UT Health San Antonio provides an advanced simulation methodology to support the development of skills for the fellows. Fellows are also provided with the AAP PREP-ICU and board review courses membership, fully funded through department. Fellows are also encouraged to take part in difficult airway courses, ultrasound courses, or other opportunities for advanced learning, supported by the department.

Resident and medical student teaching is a core part of the fellowship beginning with a course in teaching adult learners early in the first year and continued with opportunities to teach informally on rounds as well as giving formal lectures when the time is available.

Research Resources

We have extensive resources available for fellows interested in either clinical or bench research. There are multiple lab research projects currently in progress by different pediatric faculties at UT Health San Antonio, South Texas Research Facility, and Greehey Children’s Cancer Research Institute. Fellows can choose to be part of one of these projects or can have their own project. Fellows are also involved in interdepartmental root cause analysis and quality improvement projects.

Fellows’ projects and publications

International Mission Work

The mission of UT Health San Antonio promotes the delivery of compassionate and culturally proficient health care and the engagement of our faculty in improving health in our community. The Division of Pediatric Critical Care offers our fellows experiences that will expand their knowledge and understanding of different cultures and how that impacts both the care we provide and the response to that care from patients and families. Our faculty have been involved in short-term mission trips for many years. We have traveled the world to provide training, education, and medical care in many countries, including Mongolia, India, Nepal, Peru, Guatemala and Palestine. We encourage fellows to participate and last year, Dr. Prashant Jha, a 2019 graduate, accompanied faculty on a trip to Raipur, India to teach at a children’s cardiac care center.